A downloadable game

You'll need index cards, pens & glue/tape. 

One player is LOREWEAVER and tries to weave together the EPIC: a grand tale of the DEEDS of the HEROES.

The others are CHRONICLERS for each of those HEROES.

To begin, each CHRONICLER takes a card & writes the name of their HERO, a short description of their appearance & 2 TRUTHS about them.

The LOREWEAVER takes 3-4 cards & writes on each one short, evocative summaries of DEEDS involving the HEROES. Most would be great triumphs or suspenseful tales, but at least 1 is a moment of failure.

The LOREWEAVER then asks the CHRONICLERS for details of the events, people & places surrounding those DEEDS. The CHRONICLERS answer as best as they can, based on the TRUTHS they know.

(Only what is written down is TRUE, everything else is up for discussion)

If everyone agrees a new TRUTH is discovered in the telling, record it on the relevant HERO and/or DEED's card(s). However, do so only if there is space to write.

If any TRUTHS are disputed or challenged in the telling, each CHRONICLER will take a new index card and write a new TRUTH about a HERO or DEED that supports their version of events. The LOREWEAVER reads all of them and deliberately or randomly picks one that is now TRUE & discards the rest.

Stick the new TRUTH to the relevant card and cross out whatever is no longer TRUE. This gives more space to write & could lead to DEEDS becoming connected.

Keep going until the LOREWEAVER decides the EPIC is complete.


A Matter of Record v0.01.pdf 144 kB

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