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Made for the #TransformedTitles game jam.

To play, you’ll need about 3-5 players, some paper and pencils, a standard deck of cards, a cup or suitable container, and a big bunch of d6s.

You are all very cool and brave Knights on a shared quest to find the Sacred Chalice, a mystical artefact with ambiguous but definitely Big Deal powers, and bring it back to your boss.

Some mystical gatekeeping types with way too much real estate have secreted the Chalice away in one of their many identical castles. They’ve also hired 4 Ghost Kings and their various lackeys to protect the many castles and the true location of the Sacred Chalice.

It's loosely based on Kings or King's Cup, so you'll draw a card each turn from the middle of the table which determines what kind of challenge awaits you in the castle you're ransacking, and if you do badly you get Bane dice that go into the Chalice, which will make the Final Challenge harder.

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There is just a crazy amount of content and story potential contained in these seemingly simple rules. All the challenges are fun and varied, and the rules themselves are entertaining to read.