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In 2020 I resolved to design and release a new tabletop RPG every month.

This pack collects all the games I made as part of that project, along with some bonus games that are heavily tied to some of the games made for this project.

The pack collects the games as they were at the end of 2020. I will continue to work on the games, but I won't be updating the versions in this pack. I might change my mind about that.

All the games in this pack also have their own pages where you can get them for PWYW, but that might change as I update the games. I also compiled the games in an itch collection. There are descriptions for each game there.

The games included in this pack are:

  • January - So Many Castles
    • You're a party of knights ransacking several seemingly identical castles in search of a holy grail. It's based on the drinking game, King's Cup/Kings.
  • February - Student Protectors of Malaysia
    • A PbtA/FitD hack about being student superheroes balancing your superhero work protecting your hometown with your obligations as a student preparing for the SPM exams.
  • March - A City of Shining Stars
    • A worldbuilding game focused on a city home to various superpowered individuals, heroes and otherwise. You also follow the city and its residents through different eras, using recurring playing card prompts.
  • March - Noble Flame Xi-Rho: Buyer Friends
    • Hack of MF0: Firebrands about being fans of a fictional mecha anime series interacting on an online message board about their love of the series and collecting plastic model kits, culminating in an IRL meetup at Flamecon.
  • April - Four Swords
    • Wuxia-themed game heavily inspired by Jin Yong's Dugu Qiubai character and the four swords left at their grave. Characters chart their own course through the path of four swords, going from enthusiastic young warriors to melancholy heroes marked by death and sorrows.
  • May - Dungeon Whatever
    • A d20 based system that aims to mix traditional fantasy adventure trappings with more narrative roleplaying styles for my own use.
  • June - A Matter of Record
    • A small game focusing on written records of heroic exploits and the chroniclers who determine what gets recorded and how.
  • June - An Altogether Different River
    • Storygame where you collaboratively create a town and explore it through the lens of people who had left it and now returned, and the people who remained throughout.
  • July - HEXXED
    • A sort-of hexcrawl through the subconscious and memories of a person who has been cursed to be split into different aspects of their personality. You play the separate aspects and try to reconstruct your identity.
  • August - Game Design 1o1
    • A lyric game about collaboratively making games.
  • September - What's So Cool About Being Transported Into An MMORPG And Getting Stuck There?
    • Exactly what it says in the title. You get transported into an MMORPG and try to find out what's so cool about getting stuck there.
  • October - Revenant Hearts
    • You are agents of Death who use temporary bodies in the physical world to do Death's dirty work. Your body provides special abilities for each mission, and as you grow you can learn to convert some of these temporary abilities into permanent ones. Uses a push-your-luck playing card system.
  • November - Spectres of Brocken: ReVersed
    • A game about ace mech pilots meeting on the field of battle and then again years later after the war as you each try to navigate your impacts on the war and the world.
  • December - Soul of Battle 
    • Storytelling game aiming to emulate tournament arcs in battle and sports manga. Escalating cards mixed with die rolls determine the winners of bouts and also allow you to develop your characters through personal breakthroughs.
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